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Reporting on portfolio performance, reviewing investment strategies, and providing updates on the latest market trends are just some of the ways financial advisors use the VirtualAdvisors™ teleconferencing tools to build and maintain relationships with their clients. These engaging online interactions are convenient for all parties and strengthen client relationships while saving time.
Paperless Workflow
The most valuable technologies are those that provide intuitive digital workflows, optimizing a firm’s most paper-intensive processes. For many advisors, those are tasks related to account opening and asset transfers, but could include those required to conduct risk assessments, reporting, billing, client communication, tax forms and others. Financial advice from advisors in our network is 100% paperless.
Alternative Data
Alternative data refers to data used to obtain insight into the investment process. These data sets are often used by hedge fund managers and other institutional investment professionals within an investment company. Advisors in our network have access to AlternativesData™, a suite of proprietary data tools giving a clear advantage in helping you navigate your financial journey.

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